Short 5 Letter Domain Names

A 5 letter domain name offers a good balance between cost and length. Domain names with 5 letters are short and, because of this, can be easily remembered. 2, 3, and 4 letter top-level domain names can be used to create a 5 letter domain name. This means that there can only be up to 3 letters that precede the "dot".

Excluding numbers, there are 26 possible 5 letter domain names for each 4 letter TLD, 676 for each 3 letter TLD, and 17,576 for each 2 letter TLD.

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Popular URLs with 5 Letter

You've most definitely come across one of these popular domains with 5 letters.

Available 5 Letter Domain Names

Micro Domains currently lists 258,360 five-letter domain names available for registration.

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