The Birth of Micro Domains

With a quickly shrinking, finite number of short domain names available, I wanted to get my hands on one. The big tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google all got their piece of the pie.

So I went to the internet to find myself a short domain name. One by one, I scoured various registrars for an available short domain name. More often than not, I would come across a promising lead but find out that it was either a) taken or b) way too expensive for my budget.

My computer science background told me there must be a better way.

Frustrated at the fact that I couldn't search for a domain name by length, I decided to build my own domain name search engine... and not just any domain name search engine, one that specialized exclusively in short domain names.

What Is a Short Domain Name?

A short domain name has 5 characters or less, not including the dot. That is just my definition. You might have a different opinion on what "short" means.

Will I increase this definition to 6 letters? Not anytime soon. There are still 248,889 short domain names short domain names available across 188 different top-level extensions. Until the supply decreases and the demand increases, a short domain is defined at having 5 characters or less.

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Short Domain Name Search Engine

I leveraged infrastructure provided by Namecheap, a reputable ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, and built Micro Domains.

What makes Micro Domains different from most domain name search engines is not only that it exclusively lists domain names of 5 letters or less, but also because Micro Domains doesn't actually sell anything. In fact, Micro Domains works off of a commission basis. What this means is that anyone who finds a short domain name on Micro Domains will be redirected to Namecheap. If that person ends up purchasing the domain name from Namecheap, Micro Domains will get a small cut of the sale.

Meet the Man Behind Micro Domains

Tony created and launched Micro Domains in November 2020. The project was a direct result of him wanting to find a short domain name for himself.

This is not the first time Tony has worked with domain names before. Tony also has a YouTube channel called Tony Teaches Tech where he has videos on numerous website-related topics including domain names.

Tony Florida, the founder of Micro Domains

Tony's Short Domains

Tony has not acquired the coveted 3 letter domain name (yet 🤞), but he has used Micro Domains to find the following 5 letter domain names.

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